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CWRDM Project Reports

01.Harikumar Dr PS  "Impact of Agrochemical industrial, Municipal effluents on Vembanad Koi wetland system" October 2003 Plan fund

02. Nazimuddin Dr M "Evaluation of the extent and pattern of groundwater utilization in different physiographic zones of kerala" May 2004 Plan fund

03.Babu Mathew "Studies on Agro- hydrological effects due to changing land use and filling up of paddy fields in elas of Kerala".


04.Dineson VP "Establishing a seasonal operation plan for Malampuzha Irrigation project" July 2004 Plan fund.

05.Committee Constituted Government of Kerala,"Preservation and Utilization of Siruvani and Bhavani water" July 2005.

06.Rajagopalan SP "An Evaluation of Estimates of groundwater resources of kerala as given in CGWS 2003 report and a set of recommendations based on that evaluation" July 2005

07.Committee Constituted Government of Kerala, "Conservation and utilization of Bhavani and Siruvani waters in he Attappady Valley through minor interventions" August 2005.

08.Dinil Sony Er C "Rainfall information for Valapattanam river basin in Kerala state (Kottaiyoor)" August 2006 Plan fund.

09.Dinil Sony Er C "Water Quality information for  Valapattanam river basin in Kerala State(Perumannu)" August 2006 Plan Fund.

10.Dinil Sony Er C "Rainfall information for Valapattanam river basin in Kerala state (Valiambra)" August 2006 Plan fund.

11.Dinil Sony Er C "Streamflow information for Valapattanam river basin in Kerala state (Perumannu)" August 2006 Plan fund.

12.Dinil Sony Er C "Streamflow information for Valapattanam river basin in Kerala state (Vallithode)" August 2006 Plan fund.

13.Dinil Sony Er C "Water Balance Studies to Evaluate the scope to meet the water demand of kinfra intergrated textile park at kozhikode in palakkad district with surface water in walayar and 

Korayar watersheds Vol-2 Korayar watershed" September 2007.

14.Pradeep Kumar PK "Analysis of water table fluctuations with repoct to rainfall at Kayamkulam region" September 2008.

15.Gopakumar R " Intergrated studies on vembanad wetlands" September 2009. Plan fund.

16.IIT Madras chennai and CWRDM Calicut, "Study for Modernizing the thanneermukkam bund and thottappall spillway for Efficient water management in kuttanad region , kerala" April 2010.

17.Jalaja Dr TK "Biodiversity of insect fauna in the sacred groves of northern kerala eith special reference to soil and water conservation(N-32)" March 2011.

18.Nirmala Dr E "Studies on the environmentally mediated disabilities among children and its control for the improvement of rural health in kerala" May 2011.

19. Pradeepkumar Dr "Updating the water resources Data bank" November 2011.

20.Usha Kumari S "Water qaulity studeis and water conservation techniques in a tribal are of kannur district kerala state" January 2013.

21. Girish Gopinath Dr "Water footprint of kerala state government secretariad Thiruvanathapuram" August 2013.

22. Usha Kumari S "Water quality studies and water conservation techniques in a tribal are of kannur district kerala" November 2013.

23."Environment screening report of footwear  Desogn and development institute kozhikode campus" December 2013.

24.Madhavan komath Dr "Assessment and quality assurance of rural drinking water sources through the concept of drinking water" December 2013 Plan fund.

25.Narasimha Prasad Dr "Groundwater resources evaluation and prospects for future development in karuvannur river Basin" 2014 Plan fund.

26.Madhava Chandran Dr "Performance evaluation of selected minor irrigation projects in kerala" June 2014 Plan fund.

27.Pradeep Kumar Dr "Hydrological Data bank Activities (N-62)" November 2014.

28."Water treatment scheme for kalady plantations estate of PCK Ltd" November 2014.

29.Shahul Hameed Dr A "Isotope and Hydro- Chemical mapping of tw river basin in kerala abd an island in laskshadweep" December 2014.

30.Madhavan Komath Dr "Ecological restoration of Mampuzha river" March 2015.

31.Vasu Dr K "Stable isotope facility for basic and applied sciences" July 2015.

32.Shahul Hameed Dr A "Isotope investigations on the seepage at kulamavu saddle dam Idukki Kerla" November 2015.

33. "Report on soils of Ernakulam District" December 2015.

34.Celine George Dr "Impact of rapid urbanization on the hydrologic regime of a selected river basin in kerala" December 2015.

35.Celine George Dr "Climate change fingerprints on water resources and hydrometeorology of achenkovil river basin in kerala" November 2016.

36.Madhava Chandran Dr " Farmer participatory demonstration and evaluation of drip fertigation technique in kerala" March 2016.

37. Harikumar Dr PS "Treatment of contaminated drinking water using nanotechnology" Sep 2016 Plan fund.

38."Daily Meterological information from manimalakunnu station (2011-2015)" January 2017.

39.Celine George Dr C By "Climatological information from automatic weather station at Manimalakunnu in Muvattupuzha river basin" July 2017.

40.Sadhana Singh Sagar Dr "Control of multiple drug resistant water borne bacterial pathogens (Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and vibrio cholera) from the drinking water system by using                     bacteriophages cocktail in herbal formulation (Neem extract)" 2020 Plan fund.

41.Drissia Dr "Regional flood Frequency analysis for rivers in kerala" 2020 Plan fund.

42.Vivek Er B "A study on the allowable pollution loads in Pamba river sing water quality Models" September 2020.

43.Celine George Dr "Downscaling future precipitation and temperature of selected regions in kerala using statistical down scaling model (SDSM)" November 2021 Plan fund.

44.Celine George Dr "Regionalisation of the soil and water assessment tool(SWAT) for highland catchments in kerala" December 2021 Plan fund.

45. Ashish Dr "Physiologicasl characterization of bush pepper for high temperature stress tolerance under humid tropical environment of kerala (PP-28)" May 2022 KSCSTE fund.

46.Smitha Dr VS "Ag doped nanotitation coated Fe3O4@Chitosan coreshell magnetic , beads for removing nitrates from drinking water" April 2022.

47.Venu Prasad Dr "A study on Farmers adaptability to climate variability in kerala" April 2022.

48.Aysha Safa VM "Synthesis, characterzation of Essential oil encapsulated zein nanoparticle and its antimicrobial activity against aeromonas hydrophila" August 2022.

49.Gopika MS "Spatio- Temporal analysis of long -Term rainfall pattern across the northern kerala region" August 2022.

50.Aksh Raj "Evaluation of water quality status near on industrial site and its implications . A case study from Poovattuparamba, Kozhikode district Kerala" 2020.

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